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You can view a large, pannable/zoomable map of Orianas here.


Orianas World Map

Roughly five times larger than Earth, Orianas is massive compared to most M-class planets. It is capable of sustaining life in multiple forms on many of its different continents. The continents are separated by massive oceans that are not sailable. The oceans are wracked with storms and other natural hazards, including rumors of massive sea creatures that devour ships whole. Technology levels shift quite rapidly from continent to continent (Ex. The continent of Baruk is inhabited primarily by primordial life [dinosaurs, non-sentient dragons, living plant-life, etc], as compared to the continents of Westeria and Dunbar [neighboring continents that were one at a point in history but were split into two land masses during the Time of Cataclysm] which has a dark age setting of lords, vassals and knights that combat against the hordes of orcs and goblins, as compared to the continent of Varanas which has advanced to gunpowder, etc.)

Continent Information for this game setting

Keltix - A large land mass noted for its diverse regions ranging from deserts in the south to massive snow-capped mountains in the north. The continent is moderately populated, there is overgrowth in population on the eastern seaboard by the Empire, but the rest of the continent is treated well by its inhabitants.

Isles of Polaris - Islands to the north-west of the continent that are primarily inhabited by elves. Many elves have outlawed the travel of the "lesser" races into the Isles of Polaris. They have tried to create a sanctuary for elves to retreat within when necessary. Not much is known of the Isles of Polaris even amongst the elves based on the main-land.

Grey Isles - Three large islands to the south-east of the mainland. The Wellick people live on the islands. They are ruled by Karns, each Karn rules typically between one to three thousand warriors. They raid the mainland using long-ships.


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The following regions are in Keltix

  • Aglarond
  • Calimshan
  • Grey Lands
  • New Almekia
  • Savage Lands
  • The Empire
  • United City-States

The Empire

Belt in the middle of the continent

The Empire is by far the largest and most powerful of all the realms within Keltix, but they do not make many friends. They have acquired all the land they have by killing and massacring their enemies without remorse. They rarely take prisoners, and when they do, they ensure after their usefulness is up they perish.

Places in The Empire: Population ???
  • The City: Enormous bustling metropolis. Towering skyscrapers, banks, wizard towers, factories and more.


North-west region of Keltix

Aglarond is ruled by the Witch-Queen of Aglarond. She is currently at war with the Empire, but there is a very uneasy truce. The Witch-Queen is one of the most powerful mortal beings in Keltix, and the Empire is leery of bringing that power down upon themselves. Recently the party has found themselves thrust into Aglarond, and the intrigue therein. The group has named themselves the Forceful Presence and began working with the Thundering Blades, an adventuring guild within the city. After completing some vital tasks for the citizens of Aglarond and making many new friends, Master Wobblecog (Keegan’s father and merchant), Captain Commodus (a Captain in the Grey Guard), Sara Thistledown (daughter of the Mayor of Tielk and current love interest of Tathnafien), MacDuff (guild leader of the Thundering Blades, mysteriously died) and his daughter Belle (now guild leader of the Thundering Blades), Ilana (powerful wizardess who befriended Keegan after a wizard’s duel), and a group of acolytes of Clangeddin. They have also gained some new enemies as well, Hubert Undo (High Priest of the temple of Clangeddin in Tielk), the Iron Mark (a powerful Devil that has tried to rampage into the Material Plane multiple times, but the Forceful Presence has aided in stopping it each time), the Dark Brotherhood (an assassin’s guild, the Forceful Presence destroyed one of their bases, but more remain in Tielk), the Keeper of the Cursed Forest (for slaying his ally the Shadow Dragon Nezzechiel), Vackay Vassilion (Vice-Chancellor of Aglarond, twisted, demented and violently brutal to captives), as well as half the city of Tielk hunting the party for the reward that has been posted for their capture!

Places in Aglarond : Population 30,000
  • Tielk (Capital): 10,000 population
  • Rakton: 3,000 population, Trade between United City States and Algaron
  • Abby's Ford: 2,000 population, sallywags, ruffians, little law
  • Gifford: 2,000 population, sugarcane source, emipire wants it, but has failed in aquiring several times. Mr. Wobblecog is waiting here.
  • Brak Fortress: 7,000 soldiers
  • Scavanger Camp: 400 population
  • Cursed Forest:
  • Tower of Korvaire: Old location
  • Vackay's Manor:
  • Jerimond: 200 population


South-west region of Keltix

Calimshan is a land based entirely on trade. They are ruled by merchants, who individually would be weak as a force on the continent, but combined they are a power that rivals the Empire. Calimport is one of the regions within Keltix where slavery is openly accepted.

Grey Lands

South-east region of Keltix

The Grey Lands are ruled under the iron thumb of an orcish war-lord that forced all the other known lands back behind their borders. The orcs raid many known lands, and are massive in number. The only thing keeping Hungar Blood-drinker alive is his massive horde.

United City-States

North-west region of Keltix

Trail-blazers, rogues, rangers, trappers and warriors find their way into the United City-States. These are a group of large cities that unite against common threats, but normally rule only their own city. Each city is ruled by a Lord or Governor, who forms the laws and rules within that city-state.

Places the United City-States : Population 32,000
  • Akron: Population 11,000 Largest of the city-states, current leader is High Lord Akron VII
  • Elbe: Population 4,000 Located in the south of the United City-States. Founded by Empire refugees, the city is a haven to any that would escape the Empire's clutches.
  • The Wall: Soldiers 1,000 Manned by volunteers from all of the city states. The wall is roughly 20-30 feet high in most places, and is the first bastion of defense against incursions by the Empire.
  • Mineral: Population 4,500 Mining city located in the Dragon Spine Ridge. Primary source for the region for iron and precious metals.
  • Elvton: Population 1,000 Elven city and representatives of the Polaris Isles. Population is primarily elven.
  • Staid: Population 2,400 Fishing city, fishes the mountain lakes for knucklehead, a rare and valuable fish because of the consistency of it's bones.
  • Goliath Clans: Population 1,500 The goliath clans are spread out and each clan has approximately 100-200 members. They do not often leave the montains, but a truce is drawn between the city states and the clans against the Empire, a common enemy.
  • Frost Plains: Snowy wasteland, difficult to cross due to lack of drinkable water (the snow is minorly poisonous to consume)
  • Akron Wood: Beautiful forest that makes amazing farm-land. Crops are grown beneath the trees because the soil has so many nutrients.

Savage Lands

Northern regions of Keltix

Savage Lands are inhabited by the unknown. Many areas within this region are not mapped. Monsters and creatures find their haven within this region.

New Almekia (Where we will be playing)

North-east region of Keltix

New Almekia is inhabited primarily by the descendants of Almekia, a kingdom that was overthrown by the Empire, and all the peoples were forced into slavery. After the Slave Revolt of the year 859 over twenty thousand slaves broke from their bondage and raced to the north under the leadership of a warrior named Rogar Peoples-Champion, a descendant of the Almekian royal line. Only ten thousand, a mere half of their beginning numbers, actually forged their way out of the Empire and into the Savage Lands. Once there they were beset on all sides by the monsters in the night. Many died, many turned back to the Empire, but a few thousand made their way into the then-known Valley of Lost Souls where the Necromancer Xerinth and his ally the elder red dragon Albrectsmiter kept the elves and dwarves living in the valley in bondage. Xerinth used the elves as food to keep himself alive, and the dwarves forged weapons for his undead horde. Rogar allied himself with those two forces and did combat with Xerinth, destroying his body, and forcing Albrectsmiter deep into his caverns and collapsing the tunnels. There in that valley the inhabitants forged a truce known as the Almekian Pact. The dwarves went to their ancestral halls known as Corwyn's Keep in the eastern mountains of the valley, and the elves retreated into the forest to the north, known as the Whispering Wood, ensuring the safety of the Northern Pass. The other inhabitants settled in the middle of the valley building New Almekia. It is now the year 974, more than 100 years after the Slave Revolt, ties between the three factions within New Almekia under the Almekian Pact have begun to unravel. The Empire has taken note of the valley, and the strategic foothold in the Savage Lands, and have begun sending scouts into the valley. The dwarves combat the monsters below their caverns as well as the beasts of the mountains in the Eastern Range. The elves barely hold the forest against the creatures that wander out of the Northern Pass. And the people of New Almekia must battle against the beasts of the Western Range as well as whatever comes through the Southern Pass.

New Almekia is self-sufficient, and doesn't have much contact with any of the other regions in Keltix. The only region they have had contact with is Aglarond, the Witch Queen has created a stabilized portal fueled by her magic that activates one time every year for seven days to allow trade. Some people who wish for a fresh start even come through the portal to settle here in New Almekia.

50miles wide, 100 miles NS