Keegan Wobblecog Journal 6/21/2013

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Dragon embassy has been taken over by someone else. Have lost touch with Ester. Nine months pass. Shameria is building a large cathedral to the church of the Grand Nagas in Jaramond. She also plans to start up an orphanage. Waiting for a shipment from Akaron (small ivory statue). Commissioned, might be useful for goliath interactions. There are bandits (dozen or so) on the boarder of Agalrond and the United City States.

Create “Keegan’s Curiosities” museum in The City.

Give up my pro-temp positoin as Vice-Chancellor of Tielk. An unnamed replacement (ask James) takes it over. I work it so he believes I did him a favor by allowing him to take my position.

Vackay used to hold the Vice-Chancellor position, but he was only 1 year into his election when the Forceful Presence discovered he was Evil of the 13 Faces of V. I was elected into the position to replace him temporarily until a new Vice Chancellor election could go into place. That time has finally come about.

My caravan is assaulted. I scry and Shamera and I teleport into the area.

Met Grack (half dragon fighter/cleric) at the looted caravan. Also met Rain (Bare fisted fighter and his female cohort Nalkona (cleric).

Lead goliath has black/golden armor. He has deep tattoos. The tattoos burn into his skin and the rest of his bandits lose their battle prowess. He is of the earth-fist clan, far to the north. One goliath was exiled and was camping and woke up here. I scribe the tattoos markings for later study. His children needed food and stole food from the tribe’s supplies to feed his children, thus exiled. Each of the goliaths appear to be from a different clan.

Elf bandit is looking for his document satchel. He was staying at a small in north of the Brack fortress, and woke up here. I offer to let all the bandits free, or help clean up and I will make sure they all have jobs and are taken care of. Tattoos might be ancient dark religious (vile) markings in nature.

Random encounter of hill giants. Rescue Halflings who came from nearby encampment. They are refugees from the Empire.

Find a ruined city in a dry lakebed. Several archers and meleers are in the city. There is an invisible floating island with a tower. The island is 200 ft above the lake bed floor, matching the waterline of the lake bed. I assault, but the tower seems good and does damage to the undead behemoth, apparently the area is concentrated. Angelic statues also attack the undead behometh.

A guy speaks a vile word and attacks me with a glaive; it did damage but shattered when it hit me. A volcano feature oozes a black infernal liquid and the party take damage. This is similar infernal damage to the wizard we found in New Almekia, which I found the evil spell book.

The voice in the “good” tower asks us to defeat the darkness below, because the infernal volcano is spewing up to the bottom of the invisible floating tower. A protective dweomer is protecting a trapdoor leading down. Chains with mouths also protect the door. Trumpet Archon is there, why do you wish to destroy Nelgrako (some great evil).

I realize that the language he was speaking was a vile tongue directly from the Book of Vile Darkness, and I have seen similar text and words in my Tome of Skinning (which was taken from the Book of Vile Darkness a long time ago). I believe that their magic is coming from a being who owns or has at least read the original Book of Vile Darkness (an actual artifact in the world that contains the most loathsome, dark magics possible).

The beast below cannot be destroyed, but can only be held for more centuries. Trumpet archon gives us a golden white spear and to pierce Nelgrako’s heart. Do not let the spear fall into the wrong hands, if so it will destroy all life within miles. Tyreillus is the name of the spear (+5 holy axiomatic vicious long spear). Entering below we smell a putrid smell. It is dark below.

In 6 hours the vile volcano liquid will break thru the barrier of the floating good island.